We turn health data from your cloud​ into actionable insights


Panda Insight helps your organisation to bring all your health data together and to turn them into actionable insights for your customers and your health-related business. 

We enable you to unleash the potential of your data and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide living with chronic diseases like Diabetes.

We offer a unique technology-user fit by combining advanced data analytics with behavioural interventions. 

Our Solutions

With our algorithms you can analyse all data that matters for prevention and management of diabetes. We use a 360° view and combine clinical outcomes with information on the patient's lifestyle.


With our individual response functions to food we can help you to build precise and customised meal plans 


Physical activity has a huge impact on blood sugar levels 


Our sleep analysis can help patients to optimize their health routine 


We measure stress and show how it affects blood sugar levels

Advanced analytics tailored to human beings

To deliver health outcomes we combine the results of our analysis with behavioural interventions. 

This way we can support the patient with the right advice at the right time without providing unnecessary information that does not help.  

Just-in-time, Just-in-place interventions improve therapy adherence and boost engagement with your service. 

Improve therapy adherence

More user engagement with your service

Boost user satisfaction

Our Algorithms in Practice 

Discover how you can use our tech stack for your service 

Therapy Support App

Integrate our Algorithms in your software to improve therapy adherence.

Diabetes Diary 

Make the most out of the data your user's have logged and provide them with tailored advice based on their data.

Hospitals and HCPs

Provide cost and time efficient therapy outcomes for your patients.

Pharmaceutical Companies 

Develop data-driven solutions tailored towards the patients' needs.

Why you should work with us

We listen to the user and build solutions that combine advanced analytics with behavioural interventions

We tailor our models exactly to your organisation's needs to ensure unique accuracy and data-driven insights like never before

A common tech-stack that provides the solid  foundation of all our solution and can be scaled to your requirements

We offer GDPR compliant solutions with highest security standards

We are a dedicated and interdisciplinary team on a mission to deliver data and patient-centred health-care

We combine science-based sate of the art AI for health data with a patient-first approach

Let's discover together the future of connected health

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