Use Case: Stress Management for Dietary Success

Panda Insight’s technology empowers health and wellness platforms to address the impact of stress on users’ dietary habits. By analyzing users’ stress levels and dietary patterns, our system can provide timely recommendations to help them manage stress and maintain their diet goals.

For instance, when users experience high stress levels, your platform can send them a notifications to get back on track. This personalized approach helps users recognize the link between stress and diet, and equips them with practical tools to overcome stress-induced eating habits, ultimately promoting healthier lifestyles and better overall well-being.


Use Case: Personalized Workout Guidance

Our technology empowers fitness platforms to provide users with customized recommendations based on their unique workout patterns and goals. By examining users’ exercise data, our system generates targeted advice to help them optimize their training schedule and intensity.

For example, if a user is persistently exercising at a high intensity and with little rest, your platform can offer them a recommendation to find the right intensity. This individualized guidance helps users strike the right balance in their workouts, preventing overtraining, minimizing injury risks, and fostering long-term progress and overall health.

Women's Health

Alleviating PMS Symptoms through Exercise

Panda Insight’s technology can be integrated into fitness and wellness platforms to provide tailored exercise recommendations for users experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. By analyzing users’ menstrual cycle data, exercise habits, and PMS symptoms, our system can offer personalized workout suggestions to help alleviate discomfort and improve overall well-being during this time.

For example, if a user is experiencing PMS symptoms, your platform can recommend a specific workout, This targeted approach empowers users to manage their symptoms more effectively, promoting better overall health and a positive exercise experience.

Mental Wellbeing

Boosting Recovery Through Mindful Breaks

Integrate our recommender system into your wellness platform to keep an eye on users’ recovery levels and encourage self-care by suggesting well-timed breaks. Our system assesses users’ stress indicators, workload, and overall well-being to determine when they might need a little time to recharge.

For example, if a user’s recovery levels are running low, your platform can recommend a nearby spot or exercise for relaxation. This tailored advice helps users focus on self-care and achieve a healthier work-life balance, leading to improved productivity and overall wellness.

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